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  • info@business.com
  • Alkmaar, Netherlands

Terms & Conditions


by placing an order on our website, it is Important to take note of a few things and by placing a booking with us on our website, you agree to our terms and conditions as checking off upon booking completion.
the following is the terms & conditions.

1) By placing a booking on our website you understand that cars in the fleet may not always be the same exact car due to unforseen issues that may arise with the selected car. we will send the same vehicle type and passenger size. however, the cars may not directly be 100% identical.

2) By placing a booking on our website you understand that the cars being booked is for the hours and pricing selected. if for any reason you require additional time you will be responsible to pay for the additional hours and overtime.

3) you understand that our website and information may not be consistently updated and prices and rates may be outdated. we deserve our right to contact you after the booking in case if there is a difference in pricing. and we reserve our right to cancel any bookings that are booked at wrong pricing.

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